Things to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Pulling Away

Published: 20th January 2012
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The first few months of your relationship were bliss. The both of you did everything together and it was so much fun. However, you have lately realised that your boyfriend is not as attentive as before. Clearly, the honeymoon period is over between the both of you. Do not panic though because the magic doesn't last forever.

Instead, many couples before you go through the trouble of having to work at keeping the love alive. You might feel annoyed that your boyfriend is pulling away from you. Still, throwing tantrums and getting angry at him will not solve the problem. On the contrary, it might even lead to him moving further away from you.

The very first thing that you need to do is to assess the whole situation right now. You might have some well meaning friends telling you not to worry and that this is a normal phase in any relationship. Others might tell you that your boyfriend loves you too much and hence is pulling away because of that. I clearly do not mean any offense to your friends but that is a load of rubbish. If anyone really loves you, he will not act this way towards you. Instead, there would probably be another underlying cause to this reaction from your boyfriend. The most important thing is to find out the root of the problem.

One of the reasons your boyfriend is losing interest could be from a psychological factor. It might be that he isn't willing to commit himself further into the relationship. Men are generally notoriously scared of commitment. This could lead to him thinking that your relationship is going too fast for him and that is why he is withdrawing from you to stop the motion. Have you been pushing him to do things that signify commitment? If yes, this could very well be a key indicator of why he has been pulling away from you.

Another reason for this could stem from your actions. You might think that you are showing care and concern but your boyfriend might have another idea all together. If you are in the habit of calling him all the time, I suggest that you put a stop to this now. Your boyfriend will pretty soon get tired of your phone calls and will soon start to avoid picking up the telephone. If he has never given you a reason to mistrust him, you don't have to worry about knowing his whereabouts 24/7. Remember that trust is one of the key ingredients to a lasting relationship.

If you have noticed, both the reasons I have mentioned thus far actually stem from your actions. You should remain calm and keep a stern hand on your emotions in this instance. If you fly off the handle, this will only make the situation much worse. The worst thing you can do at the moment would be to confront him because this will make him even surer that he is doing the right thing by pulling away from you.

Now is the best time for you to show him that women can be as analytical as men and that you are able to control your emotions. Take a step back and tell yourself not to overdo the whole concerned girlfriend act. Instead, give him his space and just enjoy being in his company. Trust me, he will appreciate it and he will love you all the more for that.


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